Smoking and Pregnancy

Did you know that the Smoking Service has its own Smokefree Families Service to help women who are pregnant to stop smoking? This is the perfect time to quit, and did you know that you are up to four times more likely to successfully go smokefree if you use the FREE Stop Smoking Service and use medication like patches or gum to help cope with your cravings. It is usually fine for pregnant women to use Nicotine Replacement Therapy products, and this will be discussed when you meet your Smoke free pregnancy advisor.

Some pregnant women say they get dirty looks from people when they light up. Many of them talk about feeling “guilty”. What we recognise is that it can be really tough to quit when you are pregnant. We understand the pressures and the extremely addictive nature of smoking, which can make it hard to stop.

Our philosophy is that pregnant women don’t need to be made to feel guilty – we believe they need practical help and a positive focus. Our team of advisors works individually with pregnant women and their partners or family members and helps support them through the process of quitting. Pregnant women can access two forms of support; group or individual support.

Individual support is often preferred and the Smokefree Families Service is able to offer support in a nearby venue e.g. Children’s Centre or GP surgery (somewhere close by). The initial programme of support runs over 6 weeks, but then continues by phone, up to delivery and for a short time beyond. The programme of support includes:

  • a focus on preparation to quit
  • discussion about the possible use of nicotine replacement therapy
  • addressing any problems that occur e.g. side effects or relapse

The Smokefree Families Service is friendly and approachable and works with pregnant clients, helping them to achieve their goals of becoming a non-smoker. And remember, stopping smoking at any time during pregnancy means a healthier baby. You are less likely to:

  • Have a miscarriage
  • Go into labour early
  • Have complications at birth
  • Have a baby who is ill
  • Have a baby who is still born

After the birth the baby is less likely to suffer health problems such as:

  • Asthma
  • Glue ear
  • Chest infections
  • Cot death

Stopping smoking during pregnancy is good for YOU as well as your baby. You will:

  • Have less chance of feeling sick
  • Feel less breathless
  • Feel healthier
  • Have more money
  • Feel better about yourself

Get Your Partner, Family and Friends to Support You

If your family or friends smoke near you, you will breathe in harmful gases and chemicals. Your partner, family and friends can all help you by making sure that they don't smoke when you are around. You could even ask them to go smokefree too!

Many clients who have been through the service are reporting how helpful the service is – the support is flexible, accessible and they enjoy the one to one nature of the contact with the Smokefree Service.

We want to encourage more pregnant women to contact us for help – call our free phone number or contact us online. Quitting smoking when you are pregnant is not just something the baby deserves but mum’s-to-be deserve it too!

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