Mark’s Story

Walk-in sessions did the job for Mark!

Mark (45) started to smoke when he was still at school. He explained “I started smoking at about 13. At that point, it was not a case of whether you would start smoking; it was more a case of when. All the family smoked and more people smoked than didn’t. It was a like a part of growing up”.

Mark smoked 30-40 a day and was smoking roll-ups when he first contacted the service. “I started on cigarettes. You could buy them from the machines outside shops and you could buy single cigarettes as well”.

Mark had given up once before for 6 months but started again. He then heard about the Bransholme Walk-In centre. Walk-in sessions offer people the chance to get free informal support and advice. No appointments are needed. Mark stated that “I went along out of curiosity. I was aware of the health and finance issues but was in denial. It was more to see what it would be like to stop smoking and whether I could do it”.

Mark certainly proved to himself that he could quit smoking; “I didn’t really have any difficulties. I used patches and found them very good. The first and last cigarettes were hardest. It meant a big change in routine but I had no cravings, bad moods or mood swings”. He went further to explain some benefits since stopping. “I feel 100-200% better! I used to feel very sick in the mornings with my cigarettes and that has completely stopped. I have also found changes with things I wasn’t aware of when I smoked. I don’t get out of breath anymore and have more confidence at work because the cigarette smoke smell has gone. I now count myself as given up, not giving up”.

Mark stated that “If I could offer any advice to other people thinking of quitting then break it down into little achievements. I would not have quit if it wasn’t for the Walk-Ins which really helped me”.

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