Kerry’s Story

Kerry’s daughter is thrilled that her mum has quit!

Kerry (21) started smoking at age 14, “I stopped smoking when I was pregnant but started again when my daughter was about 6 months old. I wanted to quit and I did it for her, if I hadn’t had her, I would not have stopped”.

Kerry was smoking 20 cigarettes a day until she contacted the Stop Smoking Service and was told about a local Walk-In centre and decided to pop down. “I was struggling a bit with stopping and found the number of the service in the yellow pages”. She combined using the service with nicotine replacement patches (NRT).

The cost of smoking was a big motivation for Kerry to quit. “I decided to stop because of the money. I am on my own and on benefits so I can’t afford to smoke”. The money Kerry saved was a big incentive; “I used to spend £40 a week on cigarettes. I have worked out that I could save enough to have driving lessons, buy and run a car which is what I’m currently doing”.

Kerry also had concerns about the health impact of smoking; “I also wanted to do it for my health and my daughter’s health. I used to get lots of colds and had a constant cough and have the stink of smoke on my breath all the time”. She added that; “I hated having to put her down in the play pen every half an hour to go outside and have a ciggie”.

The biggest challenge for Kerry was breaking the hand to mouth habit from smoking. “I used the remote control a lot and snapped a few pencils while fiddling! I thought after tea would be the hardest thing for me but now I just get up and do some housework instead and don’t think about it”.

Kerry used NRT patches successfully to help with cravings and has experienced some real benefits from stopping smoking. “I don’t even have to think about stopping smoking now. I can breathe; I can run up and down the stairs. I did find I ate more at first but I also had more breath so I can exercise for longer. I recently had an asthma check up and my oxygen results have doubled”.

“People say they can’t quit because of stress but I have had a really stressful life. My marriage broke down, I was on my own, had a small child and money worries but I did it…. it’s never too late…. just do it! My daughter is so proud of me; she says that ‘mummy doesn’t smell of nasty ciggies anymore!’”.

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