Jerry’s Story

I quit online for my health and my wealth!

Jerry is 48 years old and signed up to the Quit Online Programme in January as he had been smoking since he was 15 years old, “I started through peer pressure, back then everyone just thought it was cool”.

When he signed up to quit online Jerry was smoking 15 to 20 roll ups a day. He decided to stop smoking for his health and also to save money. He explained; “I had a brain tumour and surgery in 2007 and it’s taken me a while to get better and get back to work. Also, with the way things are going financially with the credit crunch I really thought we needed to be saving the money. I said to my wife that I would quit on my daughter’s birthday this year in January and that’s what I did”.

Jerry had stopped smoking twice before but relapsed after going to the pub. He then decided to use the Quit Online Programme after seeing it advertised.

“Doing it online is a better way for me, I’m not one for going to groups. Some people like that talking to people and things. I think everyone is different and this was ideal for me really”.

Those who sign up to quit online can access their personalized site from any computer at any time with their unique log in. They receive regular messages and have access to their own quit calendar. Jerry finds he gets the support he needs with the online service and explains, “The specialists still give you telephone support if you need it. Mhairi rang me today and I find the tips and and hints really helpful. I go online and look at my progress”.

Jerry has stopped smoking with the help of free Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) he gets from signing up to the Quit Online Programme. He chose to use inhalators. Jerry explained how he has noticed the benefits of stopping smoking; “I definitely breathe a lot easier, I don’t get as out of breath and I can do more. My wife also says I don’t wheeze as much. Also, I am saving £10 a week which in these times is a good thing”.

Jerry recommends the quit online service to others; “You still get the support you need and if you are like me and groups are not your thing this really is a good way to go”.

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