Jamie and Shane's Story

Want to give your baby the best start in life? Well Jamie and Shane did just that.

When Jamie and Shane found out they were expecting their second child, their midwife suggested they try to stop smoking using the help of the Stop Smoking Service. “At first we thought it might be embarrassing and a bit like AA but it was great. I don’t think we would have been able to quit without the group and our fantastic specialist Debbie. It was so great to hear other peoples’ stories and how to deal with quitting; we also had a real laugh”.

Jamie and Shane have smoked since they were 15 years old and decided they wanted to stop smoking before their child was born. Shane said, “Jamie’s pregnancy was the motivation I needed to quit. We had both tried to stop before and I encourage people not to give up and keep trying”.

Although quitting smoking was hard, Shane stated “I felt a real sense of achievement and pride week by week”. He also commented, “I feel a lot fitter and we are saving about £300 a month between us that we would have spent on cigarettes”.

It has been seven months now since Shane and Jamie stopped smoking, with their baby Reese born just nine weeks ago. Their eldest daughter Steph is really proud of her parents and commented, “They just smell so much better”.

The Stop Smoking Service offers a range of support for pregnant women, their partners and other family members. To find out more about this and other services provided, why not contact the service today on 0800 3 247 111 and make a healthier home for everyone in the family.

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