Addiction Test

The reason people smoke varies and everyone is different but smoking is more than a habit, it is an addiction. This test is designed to help you understand your addiction and prepare you for the cravings that you may experience when you quit.

The addictive part of a cigarette is the nicotine. After a while you become hooked. After you quit smoking, your body's nicotine levels decrease quickly, which causes cravings. Nicotine Replacement Products (NRT), such as patches and gums, can help you manage your cravings and increase your chance of success. The Stop Smoking Service can talk to you about what will suit you.

Answer the following questions, which you feel is closest to how you feel.

Nicotine replacement therapy and other stop smoking medicines

Nicotine replacement therapy

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Nicotine Replacement Therapy, Zyban and Champix can all help you manage your cravings*.

* prescription charges may still apply

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